The key issue to consider before attending Rivercove Residences EC show gallery is the show flat.  Take all the required steps and completing then submitting the right documents and paying certain fees. Its advisable to be 100% prepared as this will help you land the property. However, when one step is missed or not done properly, it may seriously reduce your chances of securing a unit in Rivercove Residences.

Below Are Some Of The Common Questions Regarding The Preparation Process Prior Visiting Rivercove Residence EC Show Gallery


What If I Don’t Have A Banker For Rivercove Residences EC?

There are some bankers that are suggested to you when purchasing an EC unit. Remember that with a good banker you avoid lots of issues when making your purchase. Take time to get the right lenders to work with.

How Do I Know What Kind Of Property I’m Eligible For Purchase?

Get all the essential facts from HDB. This way you will know the properties you are eligible for in Singapore. This is considering the entire property purchasing process is quite complex.

What if I’m only eligible for the maximum loan of half the property price?

Once you’ve made the initial 20% down- payment, you will need to make a cash payment (CPF) following the completion of every step of the development. Following which your loan will take effect.

Where can I find more info about CPF, stamp duty, legal fees, and home loan installments for Rivercove Residences Anchorvale Sengkang?

When purchasing property there are different costs to be aware of. These include CPF, stamp duty, legal fees, and monthly installments on the home loan. Visit CPF website to confirm all the key information about these costs.

How much is stamp duty for Rivercove Residences by Hoi Hup Sunway?

You will incur a stamp duty costs for property purchase and sales, as well as gift transfers. It’s essential you confirm all the details on these issues.

What are other miscellaneous fees involved in the transaction for Rivercove Residence?

The one miscellaneous fee for you to worry about is the legal fee. This is charged by a law firm of your choice. The fees vary and may range from $2,500-$3,000. Still, it’s key to note that buying property is a big step and especially for first-time homeowners.

Can foreigners buy Rivercove Residences EC in Singapore?

In short, executive condominiums are open only for Singaporeans and PR. Foreigners may not make a purchase.

Do I need a lawyer to help with Rivercove Residences EC sales/purchase transactions?

It’s highly suggested that you hire a lawyer to handle the technical issues. They will help with different steps of the purchase. These consist of Act of Purchase, Act in Mortgage, Act in the Sale and even Act in the withdrawal of funds from the CPF

It’s recommended that you get yourself a lawyer to act on your behalf and more when purchasing your first property at Rivercove Residences. Ensure you learn the entire process and gather the relevant information you need before you attend a viewing of the showcase models of the show flat to save a lot of hassle.