There has been a rise in urban living. This became the reason for the increasing number of condominium or apartment just a few meters away from restaurants, shops, and other important sites. Well, it cannot be denied that people are becoming even way busier with their lives. With this said, the idea of purchasing a condominium over the traditional house or apartment becomes the attractive norm to many.

If you have started to think about purchasing a condo in Singapore, you must check on what Rivercove Residences has to offer. This is located at Anchorvale Lane, SengKang. From one of the most credible real estate developers, Hoi Hup Realty Developer Incorporation, another creation is set for people who want to live a more convenient lifestyle.

The property is projected to include 10 blocks of the 16-story high building. It will be made up of 635 housing units which are set to be launched in the early months of 2018. This resort-style executive condominium is perfect for those who want to enjoy all-inclusive facilities.

What to Expect from Rivercove?

There are a couple of things you may expect from the occupancy of a unit from Rivercove. These are some of them:

  • Security

Rivercove uses Smart Home Technologies in its units. This features extensive camera systems and digital lock system. With all of these, potential house owners are promised to obtain only the best from the home security system.

The security measures in the place are also commendable in nature. This is an assurance that your family is protected. There are units which come with pre-installed security inclusions such as floor pass, locks and other concerns that will make you safer. The CCTV cameras are also in important areas at all times.

  • Maintenance

To own a traditional house or home asks for exterior and interior maintenance. This must be done as a part of the structure. For instance, it may come with a lawn. A lawn has to be trimmed down from time to time. Their grasses have to be taken care of. They must be watered too so that they do not dry.

With a condo unit, you will no longer have to do all the aforementioned tasks. This should work best for busy people who do not have the time to perform such mundane activities. There will be a building maintenance to do that. The said personnel may take charge of fixing any plumbing or electrical issues to. As a tenant, you will definitely be freed from headaches, which you rightfully deserve.

  • Mortgage Fees

It is not a secret that traditional homes are expensive. They would rely on their market value. Yes, they work for bigger families because of the spaces they offer. However, if you are only starting up, then a condominium may be the right option for you. At least, you can save more on other bills.

Indeed, there are so many perks of living in Rivercove! Start living a more convenient life now!